Lebanese Passport Renewal for Elections

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According to the law No. 44/2017 issued on 17/06/2017 and its
amendments, and to the decree No. 8909 issued on 04/03/2022,
the Embassy of Lebanon to the Kingdom of Spain would like to
inform all Lebanese citizens residing in Spain and who have
registered to vote, of the following:


1. To be able to exercise his right to vote, every voter whose name
appears on the electoral lists, must present on the election day, his
national ID card (the plastic version) or a valid Lebanese Passport.


2. As for the voter residing in Spain, and whose name appears on
the electoral lists, but does not have a valid Lebanese Identity Card,
rather only possesses an expired Lebanese Passport (either the
version of 2003-navy passport, or a biometric) can apply for a
passport renewal that is to be used for voting purposes only in
exchange of a total price of 10€/ten euros.


This passport renewal process is strictly for voting purposes and
the passport cannot be used for traveling
; the passport will only be
valid until 08/05/2022, which falls to be on the election’s day, and
it will be marked with a “strictly for voting purposes” notice.

The Lebanese Embassy calls all Lebanese citizens residing in Spain
and whose name figure on the electoral lists to immediately apply
for the renewal of their expired passports, if need be, as this
service is only valid until 06/05/2022.
Applying for this renewal could be done either by:


1. Coming personally to the embassy in Madrid after asking for
an appointment via embassyoflebanonspain@gmail.com
(presenting your passport, 10 Euros in cash and this application filled out);


2. Sending your expired passport with a Mensajero to the
address of the Embassy (along with the total of 10€, a
letter asking to renew the passport for voting purposes
signed by the applicant, mentioning your phone number and this application).

NB: This process can only take place at the Embassy of Lebanon in
Madrid and is valid until Friday the 6th of May 2022

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